Tony Morgan standing in front of a tractor
EXPERIENCING AGRICULTURE: Tony Morgan plans to share the experiences he gained growing up on the farm, traveling the world and being involved in agriculture organizations with individuals he meets during his year as Missouri Farm Bureau ambassador.

Q&A with MFB Ambassador Tony Morgan

MFB ambassador answers questions about his ag involvement, school and hobbies.

Tony Morgan is a 2017 Missouri Farm Bureau ambassador. Missouri Ruralist thought readers might want to know a little more about Morgan, so we posed a few questions regarding his involvement in agriculture, what he expects of his year as ambassador and some of his favorite hobbies.

Missouri Ruralist: Why did you get involved with MFB?
Morgan: My father is on the Barton County Farm Bureau board, and he was the one who encouraged me to become involved with Farm Bureau. Coming from an agriculture background and knowing somebody already involved in the Farm Bureau, I learned the importance of being a part of something that is for a good cause, especially if that cause is agriculture. Farm Bureau supports agriculturalists, and gives young agriculturists such as myself great opportunities — and that’s why I’m involved in Missouri Farm Bureau.

What is a characteristic that all MFB ambassadors should have?
A characteristic all MFB ambassadors need to have is the ability to network with other people. I strongly believe that communication is key when you are representing an organization such as MFB. Being able to connect with other people, whether they are likeminded or not, is important, because the agriculture industry is one big web of people — and if you are able to connect with them, you will be able to show a positive light on agriculture.

What is the one event you are looking forward to attending as an MFB ambassador?
The event I am excited about is going to the nation’s capital with MFB. Since I’ll be traveling with MFB members and staff, I will be able to visit and get to know them, and I am also excited about being able to see Farm Bureau work on the national level.

What do you hope to gain from serving as an MFB ambassador?
I hope to expand my knowledge of the agriculture industry and make new connections with people who are involved in the agriculture industry.

What do you hope to give back to Missouri's agriculture communities?
I want to show our agriculture communities that our generation will come back to be involved in agriculture. 

What is your favorite fair or exhibition?
I would have to say the Lamar Fair in Barton County or the Missouri State Fair. The Lamar Fair is special because it’s my hometown county fair and the first place I had ever shown. The state fair is a huge showcase of what Missouri agriculture has to offer. Ever since I was little, my family and I have gone to the state fair and got our picture [taken] with Buddy the Bear at the Rural Electric building, and went on the scavenger hunt that the MFB used to have; and by showing livestock, I can visit with other agriculturalists from around the state. 

Name three of your hobbies.
Hunting, old tractors and fishing.

What is your best subject in school?
I would have to say that my best subject is agriculture — to be more specific, animal science.

And for a little fun, who, so far, is your favorite MFB staffer?
Well so far it’s between Robbin Farmer and Diane Olson. Robbin I have known for a while, and he’s a very outgoing character; and Diane has a strong passion for the organization and has worked hard for its members, and has already done so much for Sydnee and I as ambassadors.

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