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U.S. companies travel to Egypt

Trade mission is opportunity to learn about local markets.

Leaders from 23 U.S. agribusinesses and agricultural trade organizations explored opportunities to increase their food and agricultural exports to the Middle East and North Africa during a trade mission to Cairo, Egypt, earlier this month.

The Middle East/North Africa region offers market potential for U.S. exporters. Last year, Egypt, Algeria and Jordan imported nearly $1.36 billion in food and agricultural products from the United States.

Top imports included:

  • Egypt: corn, soybeans and beef
  • Algeria: corn, wheat and tree nuts (primarily almonds)
  • Jordan: rice, wheat and tree nuts (primarily almonds)

“Often, individuals and companies interested in exporting don’t know where to start or how to enter a particular market,” said Mark Slupek, deputy administrator of the Office of Trade Programs for USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. “Trade missions offer a unique opportunity for them to learn first-hand about local market conditions, to meet one-on-one with potential customers, and to promote high-quality, U.S. produced food and farm products to the world.”

The delegation that traveled to Cairo represented a range of U.S. products, from bulk commodities, lumber and farm equipment, to spices and specialty food ingredients. 

Participating U.S. organizations and companies:

  • 7 Seas Group USA, Plano, Texas
  • Al Khayrat International USA Inc., Piscataway, N.J.
  • American Commodity & Shipping, Inc., Vienna, Va.
  • American International Agricultural Group, Fairfax, Va.
  • American Kadi Export, LLC, Westlake Village, Calif.
  • Commercial Creamery Co., Spokane, Wash.
  • Commercial Lynks, Inc., Alexandria, Va.
  • Flavor Consultants, Inc., Las Vegas, Nev.
  • Fornazor International, Hillsdale, N.J.
  • Golden Valley Seed, El Centro, Calif.
  • JM Grains, Garrison, N.D.
  • Keese International, LLC, Brady, Texas
  • Living Waters, Inc., Largo, Md.
  • Mayro Trading Company, Decatur, Ga.
  • Nour Trading Corp, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Now Health Group/Now International, Bloomingdale, Ill.
  • Pristina Capital Partners, Midland Park, N.J.
  • Reliance Agro, Missouri, Texas
  • Spices USA, Inc., Hialelah, Fla.
  • That Crazy Bee Guy, Springfield, Ohio
  • U.S. Rice Producers Association, Houston, Texas
  • U.S. Soybean Export Council, Chesterfield, Mo.
  • Zafi Beverages & Agriculture Technologies, Inc., Wood Dale, Ill.

Source: USDA Foreign Ag Service

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