Blue Line Gets Longer with 2012 Rollout

Blue Line Gets Longer with 2012 Rollout

New Holland adds tractors, and makes a forage-production statement with new cutter and rakes.

Machinery makers are always targeting specific markets as they look for line extensions. For 2012, New Holland is making a statement with new tractors and an expansion in forage-making equipment.

The new PowersStar T4 lineup will bring three new tractors to market for 2012. "We conducted clinics across the country," says John Elliott, director, brand marketing, New Holland. "We learned what the customer wanted and the T4 will fill that need."

REVIVING A BRAND: The PowerStar badge returns to the New Holland line up with the T4 machines.

Three models will be available in the line ranging from 75 to 100 horsepower. The compact machines will fill an important niche for mid-size operations with the ability to do haying chores while also handling a host of other tasks. Perhaps the biggest feature is the integrated loader design. At this horsepower class, the loader is perhaps the most often added attachment.

"With that loader, an operator can lift 2,200 pounds 10 feet into the air," Elliott notes. "That makes it easy to load large round bales." And that integrated loader features a curved design for enhanced visibility. The loader-focused tractor design also means you don't need to add counter-weights in most situations to the rear of the tractor.

Initially the PowerStar tractors will arrive at dealerships in cab-only designs, but Elliott notes that later this year, open-station machines will be available. The transmission has a full synchro-shuttle, required for best loader work. Base price is $46,000.

New Boomer

POWER PLAYER: The New PowerStar T4 series of tractors will have an integrated loader design that offers reach, capacity and visibility. The machines start moving into dealerships this spring.

The Boomer tractor has been a popular compact machine for New Holland since its launch. However, the machines didn't go small enough for a lot of dealers. Starting in 2012 that changes as the new Boomer 20 - at 23 hp; and the Boomer 25 at 27 hp arrive in dealer showrooms. The two models feature three-cylinder diesel engines, and power goes from engine to ground through a two-speed hydrostat transmission.

The two machines also feature an independent, electro-hydraulic 540-rpm rear PTO, and a mid-PTO. The high-capacity hydraulic system is designed to provide quick implement and steering response as well.

List price for the Boomer 20 will be above $20,000.

Serious about forages

From its beginnings in Pennsylvania, the New Holland name has meant forage making. This year, the company ramps up its lineup with two key products - one for cutting forages and the other for raking. The company is already makes a tough self-propelled forage harvester, adding the new tools creates a systems approach to forage making for customers.

SERIOUS ABOUT FORAGES: The MegaCutter triple disk mower-conditioner is hard to show, but includes three mowers offering a 29-foot, 6-inch cutting width. The system is designed to turn a tractor into an efficient mowing machine.

The MegaCutter  is a mounted triple disk mower-conditioner that offers a 29-foot, 6-inch cutting width. This front-and-rear mount mower setup, long popular in Europe, is gaining traction in the United States as farmers look for ways to enhance efficiency. "We're seeing more farmers that want to use a tractor for this," say Elliott. "The single-purpose self-propelled mower-conditioner is not as popular."

The three-machine MegaCutter system  includes the 11-foot, 5-inch MegaCutter 512 front-mount disk mower-conditioner combined with the MegaCutter 530 twin-rear-mounted disk mower-conditioner. List price for that system is $87,000.

The company is also rolling out the ProRotor Rotary Hay Rake line which starts with the 3114 with a list price of $9,200. From the 3114 at 10-feet, 11-inches all the way to the 3226 with its ability to bring together two swaths in a single pass.

For more information on all of these machines, visit your local New Holland dealer, or

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