Corn Numbers Climb

Neither wind, nor flooding nor drought can hold back Missouri’s corn crop; record-breaking year predicted.

As combines continue to roll across the countryside, the production figures for Missouri's corn crop continue to climb. According to the Sept. 12 report from USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service, the state's corn production should reach 473 million bushels. This is an increase of 10 million bushels from last month's projections and 1% above the previous record set in 2004.

"Less than favorable weather conditions in parts of the state made this year's corn crop a challenge for farmers," says Mike Geske, Missouri Corn Growers Association president. "If predictions are realized, this would be a new production record for Show-Me State corn growers."

The expected yield for Missouri corn has been pegged at 140 bushels per acre. This is an increase of three bushels from last month and two bushels above the 2006 figures. Statewide, farmers are expected to harvest 3.38 million acres of the 3.50 million planted acres, the largest acreage since 1960.

"In 2004, we had a bumper corn crop with 467 million bushels. At that time, Missouri's ethanol production was around 30 million gallons," Geske recalls. "Today we are approaching 225 million gallons of ethanol per year and producing more corn than we ever have. I would say things are moving in the right direction."

Total U.S. corn production is estimated at 13.3 billion bushels, up from 13.1 billion bushels a month ago. According to USDA, this would be the largest crop on record since 1933.

To learn more about the corn industry in Missouri, visit or call the Missouri Corn office at 1-800-827-4181.

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