Funding Available For Wetland Protection, Habitat Improvement Projects

Funding Available For Wetland Protection, Habitat Improvement Projects

Proposals are due by Friday, February 17. Funding comes through the agency's Wetlands Reserve Enhancement Program, with up to $17 million available nationwide.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) State Conservationist J.R. Flores announced a funding opportunity for wetland protection, restoration and enhancement activities on eligible lands in Missouri.


WREP is a voluntary conservation program that works through partnership agreements with states, nongovernmental organizations and tribes. It is a component of the Wetlands Reserve Program through which NRCS enters into agreements with eligible partners to leverage resources to carry out high-priority wetland protection and improve wildlife habitat.

Benefits to partners in WREP agreements include:

Wetland restoration in high-priority areas;

The ability to cost-share restoration or enhancement components beyond those required by NRCS;

Participating in management or monitoring of selected project locations;

Opportunities to use innovative restoration methods and practices. 

Eligible partners may submit general WREP proposals for individual, watershed-wide or larger geographical area projects. WREP partners are required to contribute a financial or technical assistance fund match. 

State NRCS staffs will use a competitive process to evaluate the proposals. Recommended proposals will then be competed nationally for final selection and funding.

This announcement is for General WREP proposals. Proposals submitted through the Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative are being solicited under a separate Request for Proposals as published in the Federal Register on January 3, 2012. WREP proposals submitted by fax or through will not be accepted.  

To submit a proposal or receive information about General WREP, visit the Missouri NRCS website at, read the National WREP Bulletin at or contact Harold Deckerd, Assistant State Conservationist for Water Resources at 573-876-9421 or by email at [email protected] 
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