Last Chance to Get a Good Heifer Buy

Last Chance to Get a Good Heifer Buy

Show-Me-Select replacement heifer fall sale dates set; economist predicts prices higher across the board in 2012.

Auction prices for replacement heifers could be strong this fall -- but low compared to what bred heifers might be worth a year from now. Recent fed-cattle prices have rallied. Choice fed cattle from Kansas feedyards topped $1.20 a pound this week, says Scott Brown, University of Missouri beef economist.

Those fed-cattle prices strengthen potential value for bred heifers to be sold in four Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer sales in November and December. A better indicator of the heifers' potential value as they mature is the futures market, Brown says. A recent close for a December 2012 futures contract was $1.29.

Show-Me-Select replacement heifer fall sale

"That could be a very conservative price a year from now," he says. "Given current beef outlook, it would not be unexpected to see fed cattle unduly higher in late 2012.

"Part of me wants to say cattle could be a buck fifty, but predicting that is kind of scary," Brown adds. "We saw a run-up in corn prices we never expected to see. But the supply was short and the demand was strong."

That's similar to what has developed on the cattle side. "There's a shrinking supply of calves and increasing demand for beef," Brown notes. "Also, there is growing international demand, with several new trade agreements coming. The impact of the drought in the Southwest continues to shrink the cow herd."

Heifers offered in the four Show-Me Select sales this fall are bred to calve next February and March. Those heifers' calves will go to market next fall -- under the influence of that December 2012 futures price that Brown is watching.

David Patterson, MU Extension beef specialist, Columbia, has watched Show-Me-Select heifers grow in value each year. "Repeat buyers at the auctions bid more as they learn the value of heifers enrolled in the Show-Me-Select program," he says.

As the program continues, more heifers in farm herds will carry superior genetics, in addition to be being bred to high-accuracy, proven sires. "Calves carrying stacked genetics, called Tier Two, have more potential value as breeding stock or as steers in the feed yards," Patterson explains.

The Show-Me-Select replacement heifer fall sales include:

-Nov. 18, 7 p.m., Joplin Regional Stockyards, Carthage. Contact: Eldon Cole, 417-466-3102

-Nov. 26, 11 a.m., Kingsville Livestock Auction. Contact: David Hoffman, 816-380-8460

-Dec. 3, 1 p.m., Fruitland Livestock Auction. Contact: Roger Eakins, 573-243-3581, or Kendra Graham, 573-224-5600, ext. 8

-Dec. 10, 12:30 p.m., F&T Livestock Market, Palmyra. Contact: Al Kennett, 573-985-3911

Source: MU Cooperative Media Group

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