Missouri Dairy Profit Seminars February 13-17

Missouri Dairy Profit Seminars February 13-17

Alfalfa production, dairy nutrition and heifer management will be the lead topics at the upcoming seminars at five locations around the state.

"These one day seminars are being held at Sedalia, Springfield, Mountain Grove, Union and Jackson and are open to all dairy farmers and allied industry," says Missouri Dairy Association President Larry Purdom of Purdy, Mo.  "In addition, there will be commercial exhibitors at all locations with additional dairy production information." 

The specific topics and speakers include:

•"Twenty One Days to Increased Profits -- Frequent Milking You Can Use" -- Matt Waldron, University of Missouri

•"Bridging the Gap:  Nutrition Technologies to Help Your Cows Achieve Optimum Performance" -- Keith Schwinke, Alltech

•"Your Vote Counts (?)" -- Dave Drennan, Missouri Dairy Association

•"Gold Standards for Raising Heifers" -- Dr. Scott Poock, University of Missouri

•"Alfalfa Production -- New Tips & Technologies -- Tim Schnakenberg or Rob Kallenbach, University of Missouri

•"Feed Efficiency and You" -- Dr. Rich Goings or Dr. Allan Chestnut, Vigortone

These seminars are a cooperative effort between the Missouri Dairy Association, the Commercial Agriculture Program and University of Missouri Extension.

Registration is $20 payable at the door and luncheon reservations are required by calling these Extension Offices:

Monday, February 13, Pork Palace, State Fair Grounds, Sedalia Extension Office, 660/827-0591

Tuesday, February 14, Springfield Livestock Marketing Center off of I-44, Tony Rickard at 417/847-3161

Wednesday, February 15, MSU State Fruit Research Center, Mountain Grove, Ted Probert at 417/741-6134

Thursday, February 16, Hagie's Nineteen, 618 North Washington, Union, Ken Bolte at 636/583-5141

Friday, February 17, Cape Girardeau County Extension Office, 684 W. Jackson Trail, Jackson, 573/243-3581

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