Missouri Farmers Care Calls for End to USDA-HSUS Collusion

Missouri Farmers Care Calls for End to USDA-HSUS Collusion

Senators and ag groups voice outrage over USDA-APHIS working with the Humane Society of the United States on an animal welfare forum.

Supporting recent statements made on the Senate floor by Senator Jerry Moran, R-KS, Missouri Farmers Care coalition is calling for end to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's coordination with the animal-rights group Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in planning an animal welfare scientific forum.

"There is no sensible reason for the federal Department of Agriculture to coordinate with an expressly anti-agriculture organization like HSUS," said Missouri Farmers Care Chairman Don Nikodim. "To use taxpayer dollars to give HSUS a public forum for their radical animal-rights agenda under the guise of a scientific forum undermines the very farmers that the USDA is supposed to be helping."

Sen. Moran called attention to the USDA's Animal Plant Health and Inspection Service's (APHIS) coordination with HSUS on the Senate floor on Nov 2. Sen. Moran said "...it becomes clear that the Department of Agriculture is catering to an outside organization instead of relying upon the advice of animal scientists at our land grant universities or even within the Department of Agriculture. If the Department of Agriculture was interested in science, why would it allow an animal rights organization to steer its agenda?"

Nikodim said that the Missouri Farmers Care coalition supports Sen. Moran's views on the USDA and APHIS coordinating with HSUS at the expense of agriculture and animal scientists and asks that Congress look into this relationship. "Animal welfare should be based on real science, not the extreme animal-rights agenda of one special-interest organization like HSUS," Nikodim stressed.


Additional information regarding Missouri Farmers Care and Missouri agriculture can be found at www.MoFarmersCare.com.

Members of Missouri Farmers Care include:  Missouri Pork Association, Missouri Cattlemen's Association, Missouri Soybean Association, Missouri Corn Growers Association, Midwest Dairy Association, Missouri Farm Bureau, MFA Incorporated, Missouri Beef Industry Council, Inc., Missouri Dairy Association, Missouri Federation of Animal Owners, Missouri Egg Council, Inc., MFA Oil, Missouri Agribusiness Association, FCS Financial, Missouri Dairy Growth Council, Missouri Veterinary Medical Association, Cargill, Missouri Rural Electric Cooperatives and Missouri Pet Breeders Association, Monsanto, United Producers, Inc., Missouri Sheep Producers, and Missouri Livestock Marketing Association.

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