Priorities and Profits

Angus associations to conduct educational "Partners in Profits" meetings Oct. 8-11 at four sites in Missouri.

The American Angus Association and Missouri Angus Association will sponsor a series of educational programs, Oct. 8-11 in Missouri. The "Partners in Profit" program will focus on resources and tools that are beneficial to producers involved in commercial beef production. Each program will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Ty Groshans, director of Commercial Programs at American Angus Association, will review the extensive survey report, Priorities First, authored by Tom Field, Colorado State University. Priorities First highlights management priorities to increase profits in the commercial cow-calf sector.

Bill Bowman, Performance Programs director, will discuss "Selection Tools for Profit" that will include the use of the genetic tools generated by the American Angus Association. Calving ease direct and birth weight EPDs and how they are used on virgin heifers and mature cows will be discussed. Bowman will also cover how to make directional change in a cowherd utilizing EPDs, $Value Indexes and general use of EPDs in the commercial beef industry.

"Marketing for Profit" will be the last segment of program. Groshans, along with Josh Worthington, Missouri Angus Association, and Roger Eakins, University of Missouri Extension will highlight value-added marketing tools that are available to producers.

Meeting dates and locations are:

  • Monday, Oct. 8, University of Missouri-Southwest Research Center, Mount Vernon
  • Tuesday, Oct 9, Mineral Area College, North College Center, Park Hills
  • Wednesday, Oct. 10, Green City Community Center, Green City
  • Thursday, Oct. 11, Rotary Building, N.W. Corner of Town Square, Clinton

Call American Angus Association Regional Manager Don Laughlin at 816-387-3807, or visit

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