Show-Me-Select Heifers Hit $2,000 Mark

Show-Me-Select Heifers Hit $2,000 Mark

Palmyra sale consignments generate half-million dollars; average $2,012 per head.

By Duane Dailey

The highest average price of four fall sales reached $2,012 for Show-Me-Select replacement heifers at F&T Livestock Auction, Palmyra on Dec. 10.

"Over a half-million dollars' worth of bred heifers changed hands in less than two hours," reported Al Kennett, sale manager and University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist, New London.

The 22 producers of the 255 heifers were enrolled in the MU educational heifer management program. The heifers were bred to sires with both calving-ease and growth genetics. The sale average was $327 higher than the sale the previous week at Fruitland, which had been previous high this year. The Palmyra top lot average was $2,450.

Large lots of Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifers at the Palmyra Sale, Dec. 10, did not slow down bidders. Heifer prices consistently clustered around the $2,000 per head price. Final average $2,012 on 255 head. Enrollment is open for the 2012 program by contacting local MU Extension livestock specialist. (Photo by Duane Dailey)

Highest average price from one consignor was $2,227 for 11 head from Keithley/Jackson Farms, Frankford. Other above-average consignors were Jim and Sharon Schlager, Canton, $2,173 on 11 head; Prairie View Farms, Greg Drebes, Monroe City, $2,165 on 34 head; Gene and Kim Dryden, Hannibal, $2,160 on 10 head.

"The sale offered heifers of uniform quality, beginning to end," said John Browning, sale barn co-owner and ring man. "Quality raised the average. These higher prices are in line with what stocker calves sell for. This week six-weight calves brought $970."

David Patterson, MU Extension livestock specialist, Columbia, said several producers reported above-average pregnancy failures in cow herds this summer. "Producers needed more replacements than usual. Hot weather at breeding time may have caused failures to breed."

Averages of other Show-Me-Select sales were Joplin, $1,433; Kingsville, $1,670; and Fruitland, $1,716, The Show-Me-Select program started in 1997 in Palmyra and Joplin. The 15th annual sale in northeast Missouri topped all previous sales across the state in all years.

Buyers have learned that value of the sale comes from data on the expected calves. Prior to the sale heifers are on view, sorted by lots, in the back of the barn. Most consignors give handouts with pedigrees and genetics. About 70% of the heifers in the sale were synchronized and bred AI this year, Kennett said. That allows buyers to have more accurate calving dates.

Sales are organized by a private not-for-profit group organized by the producers. "In the last 15 years in northeast Missouri, about 25,000 heifers have been through the program," Kennett said. Only 4,200 of those were sold in the Palmyra auction. Many producers sell heifers directly to other producers. All heifers sold are certified by the trademarked black-and-gold SMS ear tag.

Kim Dryden, consignor from Hannibal, said, "The sale lets us compare our heifers to those from other producers. It helps us improve."

Herd owners can join the program by visiting their local MU Extension livestock specialist.

Source: MU Cooperative Media Group
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